Environmental Sequence

Morning Birds

I sleep.

Birds serenade me into wakefulness.

Good morning, Birds!

I love you, too!

Will you always be here for me?

Is this your last spring here?

Next spring will you pass me by?

Will climate change alter your path?

Even if we cannot change what we’ve done,

Please birds,

Come see me again!

I Am Not a Contributor

I am not a contributor.

I do not drive a gas-guzzling car.

I avoid harmful products when I can.

I turn off the light when I leave the room,

I turn off my computer at night,

So why does climate change affect me?!

Well, I Guess I Am

I guess I am a contributor.

My showers are too long.

I always sleep with the light on.

It seems that we are trapped.

Even people who care contribute,

Being a polluter is hard to escape.

Human’s Curse

All humans are polluters,

Whether we care or not.

Regardless of our living style,

Beliefs, or love for Earth.

There may be too many of us,

We may be born with sin.

Whatever the reason,

Environmentalists must fight hard,

For the right to not pollute.


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