Dr. Ocean

Dr. Ocean, Dr. Ocean,

You always make me well.

I love to be near you

When you splash, crash and swell.

Mother Sea, Mother Sea,

Your waves have so much might!

They always lift my spirits

When nothing’s going right.

I feel sad, mad, and hopeless

On a miserable day,

But your great, massive depths,

Wash all  my tears away.

Dr. Ocean, Dr. Ocean,

You spray and you rumble,

Making my body want to dance,

Leap, and tumble!

Mother Sea, Mother Sea,

How massive you are!

Is there any known task

That for you would go too far?

So many fish you cradle,

So many whales you guide,

While under your protection,

No creature has to hide.

Dr. Ocean, Dr. Ocean,

Your medicine never fails,

You bring color back to anything

That is sad, grey, and pale.

Mother Sea, Mother Sea,

You love me and keep me calm.

Oh, my dear sweet ocean,

You’re the very best Dr. Mom!


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Filed under Children's Poetry, Nature Poems

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