Note On “Do I Love You?”

This poem could work as part of either “People You Would Never Want To Meet” or another collection, “Poems For People You Love (Most of the Time),” along with a previously posted poem of mine, “My Father Is Nothing Like Henry VIII.”  Please give your opinion on where it belongs.



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2 responses to “Note On “Do I Love You?”

  1. Hi Lily! So much great stuff here. I like the idea of “Do I Love You” with “My Father is Nothing Like Henry VIII” maybe because they both remind me of times in my childhood. Also because they have the theme of imperfect, very imperfect, family- but still family and, of course, you really do love each other. Just my thoughts. -Ayla

    • Hi Ayla! Such a nice surprise to find you commenting on my blog! I will definitely consider what you said about having those two poems together. That’s actually what I was leaning towards, too.

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