Mama Dart Frog

If I were a mama strawberry dart frog,

I’d lay six little eggs,


Then wait patiently while my mate pees on them!

He’d water the eggs and look after the eggs,

Until it’s time to hatch.


When tadpoles hatch,

I’d carry them one by one,

Looking for pools to swim in.


I would look for six pools,

One for each little polly-wog!

I’d find one pool for each,

So they won’t eat their brothers and sisters!


My tadpoles safe and sound in pools,

I’d produce food for them,

Eggs for my oophagous little babes!


In about two months,

My babies would grow legs,

Loose their tails,

And turn into frogs!


But what if something happens first?

What if not all my babies survive?

Sometimes, not all eggs hatch.


And what if a thirsty animal

Drinks up the water in one of their pools,

Swallowing up my babe?


“Please, be careful as you drink!

My babies are in there!”


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