Mama Leatherback

 If I were a mama leatherback,

I’d come swimming to the shore,

Pregnant and ready to lay!


I would dig pits in the sand,

Five, or even six,

And fill each one with eggs.


I would bury the eggs,

Hidden from view,

So no predator can find them!


I would swim to the sea,

Leaving my babes,

“Good-bye, my darlings!  I hope we’ll meet again!”


The eggs would be silent, but they’d hear my voice.

And feel my gentle kisses.

Would I see them again?


Or will they be dug up and eaten by humans,

Inside someone’s stomach

Before they even hatch?


Will they be gulped down by vultures

As they crawl to the shore,

Never going out to sea?


There is no one on the shore

To protect them from vultures or humans.

Can anything save them from dangers of sea?


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