Mama Penguin

If I were a mama penguin,

I’d lay myself an egg,

Then give it to my mate

To carry on his feet.


I’d then spend weeks in water,

Catching and eating fish!

After laying my egg

I could eat the whole sea!


But I would choose a special fish,

And handle it with care.

This fish is for my baby,

Who I’d know the moment we meet!


I would see my mate

As I run to him on ice,

And I’d see my baby,

The little one on his feet!


But what if she’s a frisky one,

Who frolics through the snow,

Far away from the warmth

Of her loving father’s feet?


I would know her when she runs to me!

And says, “You are my mommy!”

I would know it’s true!

And I would catch her with my wings and hold her!


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