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They’re the people I can always be near,

Even when I want to be alone.


They’re the people I can be myself with,

Even when I want to be someone else.


They’re the people I can tell how I feel,

Even when I’d rather keep my thoughts to myself.


They’re the people who will let me pretend,

Let me be alone,

Let me share my feelings,

Or keep them to myself.


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Though blazing orange like fire,

We shield our scary sight.

We hide are funny faces,

Until it’s Halloween night.

A knife we see!  It comes close!

But frightened we are not.

We let you cut our hats off,

And take the seeds we’ve got!

We are not afraid

When we see you with that knife,

For when our hats are finally off,

We start a brand new life.

After you have carved us,

Our smiles and frowns, they show!

And when you see our faces,

Give us candles! We will glow!

Funny, scary, sometimes sad,

Whatever we may be,

Put us out on Halloween,

So everyone can see!


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