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Hi All!  I have just started a new category on this blog called “Works and Ideas in Progress.”  Anyway, this basically means that this blog will now feature not only my completed works, but also whichever ideas happen to be bouncing around my head when I post them!

As some of you may know from my interview on “Jo’s World,” a Blogspot blog (here is a link to it:, I am a very spontaneous writer.  This means that I write whatever comes to mind and am never sure what I’ll write when.  As a result, the posts in this category will always be a surprise for everyone, including me!

Right now I am focusing on creating child-hating villains for future children’s stories.  Having always been a favorite of mine, child-haters are villains I simply have to create!  To get people talking about them, I have posted a list of what these characters, in my opinion, simply HAVE to do in any story!  As you will see, these actions range from dark and sadistic to gross and hilarious!  When commenting, please feel free to add anything you think should be on this list or one of its sub-lists.  I will continue adding to it  as new thoughts come to mind.

Note: If you are unfamiliar with any of the child-haters mentioned on this list, I would recommend watching “Annie,” “Matilda,” “The Witches,” and “The Search For Santa Paws.”  Also, please be sure to read the book versions of “Matilda” and “The Witches,” because, as we writers know, the book is always better!


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