Something Else Child-Haters Do

  1. You can probably tell from my list of insulting names that in my opinion, child-haters have to think children stink, just like the title characters of Roald Dahl’s “The Witches.”
    1. Here are some examples from the movie version of this book:
      1. All the witches holding their noses and waving the smell away when Bruno Jenkins comes into the room.
      2. This quote by the Grand High Witch: “Before you go down to the dining room, don’t forget your nose plugs.  The dining room will be full of filthy little children, and without your nose plugs, the stink will be unbearable!”
      3. These quotes by the witches when they smell Luke: “Ugh!  The smell!”  “Oh, yuck!  I smell it as well!”
      4. The Grand High Witch sniffing the air and shouting, “She’s right!” when she smells Luke.
      5. The Grand High Witch holding her nose and pretending to play with a baby, then pushing his stroller down the hill.
      6. This quote by Luke’s grandmother: “To me, you smell of raspberries and cream!  But to a witch, you smell absolutely disgusting!”
      7. Then Luke smiles and eagerly says, “What kind of disgusting?”
    2. Here are some of my related thoughts on “The Witches” and other child-haters:
      1. I adored “The Witches” as a child, and I still do as an adult.  However, I’ve always had issue with the fact that in both the book and the movie, witches are said to hate all children, but they are only ever shown saying boys are smelly and disgusting.
      2. We all know boys are smelly and disgusting.  I think that’s part of what their mothers love about them.  That’s why it’s much funnier when someone thinks girls are smelly and disgusting!
      3. That’s why I like Miss Hannigan.  She’s possibly even more repulsed by girls than boys!
      4. I also like Miss Trunchbull, because in the book, she says bad girls are far more dangerous than bad boys!
      5. As a child, my wish to have these witches talk about how smelly and disgusting girls are led to me fantasizing about saving my best friend, a girl, from the witches, and hearing them say how smelly and disgusting she was.
      6. This was especially funny since my friend was and still is one of the fussiest people I know, who always smells like she just came out of the shower.
      7. This is one of the reasons why I want to create child-haters who make it clear that they hate little girls at least as much as little boys.

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One response to “Something Else Child-Haters Do

  1. Hi Hannah! I’m glad you like this post. Are you a fan of Roald Dahl and/or “Annie?” Do any of your children’s or young adult stories have child-haters in them? Please let me know!

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