Hello!  I am Lily Stejskal, also known as Story Fairy.  On this blog, you will find all my writing projects that aren’t related to fairy tales.  For fairy tale projects, and for more consistent posts, please visit my Fairy Tale Castle.  You will see a link to it on this blog.

To be a little more specific, this blog includes book reviews, poems for both children and adults, picture book manuscripts for children, short stories in the broadest of terms (for both children and adults), and some of my works and ideas in progress.  The latter I really hope I’ll be posting more of soon, but I can’t make any promises, as I am a very spontaneous writer.  I also hope to be posting more book reviews and some writing tips that aren’t borrowed from other bloggers, but again, no promises.  This is why I encourage you to visit my fairy tale blog, where I post things much more often.

What I can promise, though, is that following both blogs will bring you lots of pleasant surprises!  I will seriously consider any advice I am given on this blog, whether it is about completed projects or works in progress.  So please tell me what you think about all my posts and give me any suggestions you have!


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